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[ profile] ozfille passed this on to me from a travel company newsletter:

A Fairytale Wedding in Antarctica

Whether it is a humpback whale gliding past your Zodiac closer than you ever thought possible or an iceberg casting an impossibly big shadow over our ship, Antarctica is a place full of wonder and surprise – but the antics aren’t always limited to the wildlife.

During the Peregrine Mariner’s last voyage of the summer, passengers Manfred Hubner and Brigitte Wagner requested that Captain Poskonny marry them in Antarctica - could there be a grander setting?

At the appointed time, the Captain, resplendent in his dress uniform, and a small group of invited guests climbed to the ship’s bridge. The champagne was chilled and the guests quietly excited. The Captain - in command as always - didn’t miss a beat and only raised a slight smile when the bride and groom arrived in full-size penguin costumes!

The ceremony was conducted with due pomp, photos were taken and congratulations abounded – all on a working bridge in Antarctica. All the while, the Watch Officer quietly kept the ship safe in an ice-studded bay. It will be a great story when they get home to Sweden!


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