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We found my son a shirt at Hot Topic that says The Penguin Made Me Do It (which is an excuse he has actually used, given that he has about 20 stuffed penguins). They have buttons, too. So cute!

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Photo and plans from Family Fun.

Black craft foam (two 12- by 18-inch sheets)
White craft foam (one 12- by 18-inch sheet)
Duct tape
Hook-on bow tie with adjustable band (we found ours at a costume shop)
Yellow craft foam (one 9- by 12-inch sheet)
Double-sided foam mounting tape
Black hooded sweatshirt
Black sweatpants

See article for instructions!
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No, of course not really. *g* These were items in which a certain member of my family was very interested, and since one is of possible festive interest at this time of year and the other is sold by an organization that promotes women, eco-friendly production and fair trade, I figured I would show them off here!

Stone and Costume Penguins )

Also, a sad farewell to Steve Irwin. I know that he got in trouble for getting too close to the penguins when he did his Antarctic special, but he was a great inspiration for environmentalism, conservation and wildlife management around the world.
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I just bought 'And Tango Makes Three' as a birthday present.  It's a really lovely children's book about the gay penguin couple at New York.  My favourite part was when the silly penguin pair got broody and first tried to hatch a pebble, with predictable results.  So cute!

By Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell and Henry Cole.

And every morning Roy and Silo woke up together.  But one day Roy and Silo saw tht the other couples could do something they could not.

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I recently visited San Francisco and [ profile] cruisedirector asked me to share this photo of a very cute penguin scultpure in the Cannery. The artist's name is Beniamino Bufano.

Penguins in the Cannery )
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We went to the Mystic Aquarium's Penguin Contact Program and got to pet two different penguins -- one which wandered around our circle in a classroom for half an hour while the caretaker talked about penguin diet, behavior, etc., and another which we took turns playing vet with, listening to its heartbeat, inspecting its beak and checking its wings. It was really wonderful to get so close to the birds and they were extremely amusing -- one was chasing a fly and tried to groom the legs of a couple of participants (there are only ten in each group), and one kept trying to jump over the benches we sat on to walk around the back of the room, so they were very close to us and curious and not at all aggressive while around the children. And adorable!

Meet a Penguin )
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Turned out that I did not take many pictures of them.

The King Penguins excite me the most! I know they are big around 90cm in height... but I'd never realize they are that BIG! I wonder how big will Emperor Penguin be!!

all pics by: [profile] iamlulu
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Here comes the Gentoo penguins! Dedicated to boys and girls who adore the beautiful birds.

There are two enclosures, One for the Gentoos, and the other one is for King Penguins. If combined, the enclosures are almost the size of a football (soccer) pitch. 
The two enclosures are connected by a tunnel. I think Gentoos are more likely the ones that cross the tunnel to the King Penguin's enclosure. Since I don't see any king penguins inside gentoo's enclosure.

sorry, there are loads of picture. Might severe your bandwith.
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Went to Edinburgh zoo! (^_^)v

These were taken from Rockhoppers' enclosure
This little chap loved to show off! He is a snobbish yet he knew that he pleases people. Kinda remind me of some grumpy british old man, such as Alfred Hitchcock!  (^o^)w

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We went to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore for Breakfast With the Penguins, which we had promised our younger son that we would do as part of his birthday present (he also adopted one of the penguins and got a photo, certificate, fact sheet and stuffed penguin, which were delivered at the breakfast). They had set up tables near the penguin enclosure and brought out two "ambassador penguins" -- an adolescent and a young adult -- plus feathers, a preserved skull and things like that so they could talk about penguin biology and habitat. Then they took small groups, gave everyone disposable gloves and let each person throw a fish to the swimming penguin population.

Breakfast With the Penguins )
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In honor of my younger son's birthday, Stanley the Penguin at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh during our trip earlier this summer.

Photo by Cruisedirector.

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I know I should be posting penguin pictures in here. But I can't help my self to post youtube urls in here.
They are one of the reasons why I adore penguins!  (click on the screen caps to go to the youtube pages)

Come on, everybody... do the penguin dance!!!!! \(^_^)/

Band (?) : Pigloo
Song: Papa Pinguin

Band (?) : Pigloo
Song: Les Raggas de Pingouins
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Newport Aquarium Penguins )

Photos by cruisedirector. Otters and sharks in my LJ if you're interested!
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Columbus Penguins )

If anyone is interested there are photos of manatees and a koala in my journal. Photos by cruisedirector. Sorry if I am slow with comments, am on the road for two weeks!
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